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5 Biggest Benefits of an Improved Application Process

Discover five results that come from streamlining your program with a robust application management solution.


The Applicant-Focused Scholarship Program

A comprehensive guide to auditing, updating, and improving your program to better serve your applicants.


The Value of Award Programs

Learn more about how your organization can create engagement and build loyalty through awards, and how to get up and running quickly.


How Your Association’s Programs May Be Hurting, Not Helping, Your Members

Consider how outdated processes and technology may be creating frustration along your membership.


Overcoming Software Overload

Shop smart and invest wisely with this insight on selecting future-proof software.


The Importance of Tech for Today's Scholarship Applicants

A look at the application process expectations, needs, and wants of modern students.


6 Data Security Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Grant Management System

Make a smart investment by first knowing the six key questions to ask Software as a Service (SaaS) providers before selecting a grants management solution.


Smart Grants Management in the New Era of Giving

Learn how to smartly tackle the grantmaking hurdles of today, like security, data management, and constituent compliance.


Making the Case for Investment in Grants Management Software

Learn the steps to showing the true value of technology investment and getting your new system approved.


PDK International

See how Zengine powers the association's student competition and scholarship program, empowering the next generation of educators.


Goodwill Industries International

Find out how we helped this international charity get a new mission-focused program up and running quickly.


Carson Scholars Fund

Discover how we took a complex application and review process and delivered a solution that reduced work and eliminated errors.

What Can Zengine Do For You?

Take a quick look at the mission behind our application management platform and how it could help you streamline your giving programs.

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Read All About It

Discover more about the Zengine platform, trends in application management, and best practices influencing the nonprofit, association, university, and government industries on our blog.