Download Our eGuide: How to Manage Grants to Sustain Your Business Community in Uncertain Times

eguide-manage-grants-uncertain-timesThis eGuide provides insights from our municipal clients’ experiences supporting their businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Doug Kinley III, Management Specialist, City of La Quinta, CA, and Colleen Kardasz, Assistant Director, Loudoun County, VA, recently shared many lessons learned during an ICMA webinar. We’ve compiled it all into this eGuide.

They shared how they:

  • Dealt with pain points they encountered in the early months of the pandemic

  • Managed grant programs to address critical needs

  • Evolved their responses, systems, and processes

  • Identified opportunities to learn, connect, and create sustainable solutions that will long outlive this pandemic

Dive into the lessons to discover how they established a solid foundation to both sustain their businesses today and tackle future hardships by putting the right system and processes in place, gathering critical data, and building relationships with businesses.