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The scholarship management system

to collect, manage and review scholarship applications online.


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Organizations simplifying with WizeHive

Organizations simplifying with WizeHive

No compromises!

Powerful personalization

Effortlessly modify forms, dashboards, reports and more - to make it fit your application and grants management lifecycle. In addition, use our unique plugin architecture to customize any screen or add new ones.

Easy integration

Integrate with 500+ popular products including accounting systems, email systems, and more with no coding or technical skills. Integrate with legacy or home-grown system via our industry standard open API.

One integrated platform that combines:

Online applications + scholarship management + powerful CRM

Applicants love us
(and you will, too).

Customize and deploy branded application forms that are easy for applicants and capture all the data you need.

Applicants love us

Eliminate hours of paper shuffling.

Manage applicants simply with tracking and collaboration tools, automated emails, and visual cues that help streamline actions.

Review and move it on through!

Deploy a custom, branded reviewer portal and use our powerful assignment tool to allocate applications.

WizeHive review portal
WizeHive lifecycle scholarships management

Manage the full scholarship lifecycle.

Use our flexible system as is, or effortlessly modify forms, dashboards, workflows, tracking reports and more ‐ to make it fit your application and scholarship management lifecycle.

Centralized CRM to build on.

Highly intuitive platform for collecting, organizing and managing contacts and organizations. Use it to track applicants, reviewers, recipients, donors, volunteers and anyone else you come in contact with.

Plugins add additional features and functionality

Add functionality to make your process faster. Just choose and click.

Our ever-expanding plugin marketplace makes it easy to add additional features and functionality. Quickly add more power to your online application management.

Instant integrations out-of-the-box.

Integrate with over 500 popular products out of the box. Integrate with custom or legacy systems using our open API and our unique plugin architecture.

Send emails via integrations

The scholarship management system of choice

For universities, associations, foundations, and more

"Using WizeHive has streamlined our process and has made managing our scholarship application process easier. The staff at WizeHive continues to be responsive to our needs and treats us like a priority and valued customer."

Katie Damaroda Katie Damaroda,Carson Scholars Fund

"All of the data, applications, required documents and so forth are in one place which saves so much time and effort. Now we can spend more time in our mission to cure the kids. Wizehive is truly a user-friendly software."

Shelley Pressley Shelley Pressley, Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

"Thanks to the folks at WizeHive - they took a very time-consuming process with 150 applications and 300 judges, and made it so easy! WizeHive did a great job of onboarding us, and answered all of my questions."

Ellen Weber Ellen Weber, Temple University

Flexible plans

Designed to meet the scholarship management needs of any size organization

Scholarship Management Edition

Programs 3 20  Unlimited
Number of Applications Per Program  1000 5000   Unlimited 
Administrators 3  10  Unlimited 
Complexity of Intake Process  Simple Medium  Complex 
Branded Online Application Forms greendot.png greendot.png greendot.png
Unlimited File Uploads  greendot.png greendot.png greendot.png
Integrated CRM  greendot.png greendot.png greendot.png
Integrated Database for Tracking Other Items  greendot.png greendot.png greendot.png
Confirmation Emails greendot.png greendot.png greendot.png
Dashboards & Reporting greendot.png greendot.png greendot.png
Branded Online Reviewer Portal greendot.png greendot.png greendot.png
Reviewer Assignments  greendot.png greendot.png greendot.png
Bulk Email  greendot.png greendot.png greendot.png
Letters of Recommendation   greendot.png greendot.png
Automated Emails (beyond confirmation letters)    greendot.png greendot.png
Automated Assignments    greendot.png greendot.png
Integration with 750+ other Software Packages   greendot.png greendot.png
Audit Trail Reporting      greendot.png
Automated Workflows     greendot.png
Custom Integrations (including Salesforce)     greendot.png
Single Sign On (SSO)     greendot.png
Email, Phone, Web Support greendot.png greendot.png greendot.png
Dedicated Implementation Lead    greendot.png greendot.png
Project Plan & Project Management    greendot.png greendot.png
Data Migration Services      greendot.png
Other Enterprise Level Support      greendot.png


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