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Amplify your impact with our top-rated scholarship management platform. Our powerful and dynamic solution handles everything from applications to post-award scholar support.

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The Most Dynamic Scholarship Management System

Adaptable and Responsive

NextZen is exceptionally easy to set up and adapts to your programs' changing needs. Our platform empowers you to manage everything you need without having to rely on tech support. 

Engaging and Collaborative

NextZen provides students, program administrators, and reviewers with an easier and better scholarship application process. Our intuitive and modern platform supports engagement throughout the entire lifecycle. 

Brings Powerful Insights

NextZen is designed with end-to-end data gathering and impact sharing. Bring your programs' stories to life through integrated reporting and analytics.

Supercharge educational opportunity with a next-generation
scholarship platform built for today’s and tomorrow’s needs

Engaging Applicant Experience
Engage scholarship applicants with applications that reduce barriers and improve equity. Our portal provides a full lifecycle experience where scholars can not only submit applications but also continue to send information post-award, such as transcripts and surveys, and learn about payment status.
Optimized Application Review
Request revisions, assign reviewers, and make decisions quickly and efficiently while supporting an equitable review process. Reviewers access only relevant information to score applicants using a side-by-side scoring experience.
Integrated Analytics
Our powerful data gathering and advanced analytics enable administrators to bring their stories to life. Customize visual dashboards and reports to show the information you need to see every day, including student progress, demographics, donors, awards, and more.
Intuitive Program Setup
Roll out programs according to your desired workflow. With our intuitive platform, visual workflow builder, and drag-and-drop form builder, you can quickly set up your program without technical expertise.
Expand Educational Opportunity
With NextZen, you can lean on a system that works for you and with you. You’ll encourage more students to apply, ensure a fair review, and raise the visibility of your scholarship program.
Our Clients, Our Heroes
The work we do here at WizeHive would lead to little without the work our clients do every day. From enabling education to inspiring the next generation, from strengthening communities to empowering change, our clients are driven by inspirational, invaluable missions. We are honored to partner with them and humbled to be part of their impact.

Read more of our client stories here.
Security You Can Count On
Rest easy knowing you're working with not only a highly secure platform but also a company with a strong culture of data privacy and security practices. WizeHive has a SOC2 certification and is HIPAA compliant. Additionally WizeHive is compliant with privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Protecting your data is central to our business and our promise to you. Through regular updates, transparency, and best practices, we serve as a partner to ensure your programs and data remain safe.

Empowering Scholarship Administrators
To Do More Good, Faster and Better

This software has allowed us to transform the way we do scholarships. The software has enabled us to streamline our process in many ways, allowing us to focus our time better serving our students, volunteers, and donors. We have been able to expand our program in multiple facets. Not only have we been able to add more scholarships, but we have been able to improve upon the way we administer them. The process has been simplified for our staff, our reviewers, our recommenders, and our applicants.

Shelly Joseph


Scholarship Manager at The Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation

I like everything about WizeHive, but hands down the cherry on top was our implementation lead. I cannot say enough good things about his intelligence to build, troubleshoot, test, reconfigure, and train me all while thinking of our needs, what we would need next, and what I didn't yet know. His technical talent is matched by his patience and priority of wanting our foundation and me to be set up for success from start to finish. I am thrilled to have the support system for this product.

Jeremy P. Sale


Former Selection and Recruitment Manager at Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation

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