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Corporate Foundations & Giving

Give, share, and empower with the application system that takes care of business.


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The Perfect Hosted Database Management Solution! We spent several weeks researching database management Solutions. We heard a lot of cookie cutter pitches. Pete from WizeHive was extremely knowledgeable and passionate and genuinely interested in helping us figure out how to increase efficiency in our business model. Once I signed on, I was impressed how easy it was to start getting templates set up- I still can't believe how easy it is to build, customize and create the perfect app in this system. I can not thank them enough because now I only feel limited by my imagination and creativity. It will take you sometime to learn everything it can do, but once you do. You will love it and all the solutions you can create with it.”

Brandon Dierickx, Ascent Real Estate Solutions


Software for Corporate Foundations & Giving

Your brand goes far beyond your logo, products, or social media status. It also includes your values and how you support the community that supports you. Corporate foundations have the platform to make valuable impact and provide tremendous value, but often get bogged down with the processes and reviews necessary in a large company. That’s where WizeHive’s Zengine™ system comes in.

A nimble and robust tool, Zengine uniquely addresses the full spectrum of needs for corporate foundations, allowing them to manage the application process for grants, scholarships, awards, internships, and more.

With unmatched customization and integration options, our Implementation team can work with you to create the application process you want while ensuring your various reviewers can play their part quickly and easily. Whether you want to start with the essentials -- or all of the bells and whistles -- we have the right solution and can adapt and extend it as your needs grow and evolve. Key features include:

Application form and portal options.

From simple one-page forms to more complex, multi-stage applications, Zengine allows you to create applications that are tailored to your brand, support your process, and capture the information you need. They’re easy for applicants to complete and add attachments, too.

Tracking and collaboration tools.

Use Zengine’s built-in CRM to manage your contacts, automate all communications, and track engagement.

Branded reviewer portal.

A one-stop destination for reviewers to see and score, plus a powerful assignment tool for you that easily assigns out applications as received.


Customizable dashboards allow you to see and share the current status of applications data, as well as your company’s impact and outcomes.

Integrations and customizations.

Save precious time by integrating Zengine with more than 1000 popular business applications via Zapier, including various accounting, human resources, and scheduling solutions.

More Than 1000 Integrations
The Zengine platform provides limitless flexibility and can integrate with hundreds of other products - no coding required.