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Maybe your foundation is ready to make a name for itself and a bit of noise in the process as you take strides to further a cause close to your founder’s heart. Or perhaps you are an organization with decades of history and mission driving -- and the endless paper trail to prove it. But no matter where you sit, your goal is to do more, give more, and prove your impact on it all more.

WizeHive’s grant management software for foundations is a comprehensive and flexible solution that can save you precious time and give you the insight to fine-tune your strategy.

Intuitive and easily manageable, you can create application forms, manage the submissions, share with board members or other reviewers, and capture and share your impact. Each form and step is easily tailored to fit the unique needs of your process and constituents.

Focused on Foundations


Connect with board members, applicants, awardees, and partners through web forms, portals, and built-in email tools.

Keep Track

Keep track of your data, goals, and outcomes with tailored reporting options.


Verify candidates through our GuideStar integration.


Simplify reviews with personalized review portals that house all assigned applications, related forms, letters, budgets, and other uploaded docs, and collect feedback through a side-by-side scorecard.


Improve your data collection, review, and relationship management, enabling your foundation staff and board to make better awarding decisions.

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