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More easily match your prestigious opportunities with the best and brightest using application management software.

Society for Simulation in Healthcare

For associations, universities, and governing bodies, ensuring that companies and individuals that use your name uphold your high standards is essential. With your goal to educate, advance, and promote industry standards, you need to run an accreditation program that is as user-friendly for all involved.

Sigma Theta Tau

With the accreditation management functionality of Zengine by WizeHive, you’ll encourage more members to apply, ensure a fair and thorough review, and do it all in less time. Best of all, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve boosted your organization's prestige as a leader in your industry.

The Zengine Accreditation Management System

Collect Applications Online
Simplify Submissions
Improve Your Review
Manage From Admin Hub
Collect applications online, in whatever format you need.

Collect applications online, in whatever format you need.

From a simple web form to a multi-step submission portal, it’s all possible. We design forms and workflows to fit your process, not the other way around. Even if you have multiple accreditations or certifications with different requirements, Zengine allows you to collect any information, assessments, evidence, or other important materials.
Make it easy for applicants to get it right the first time.

Make it easy for applicants to get it right the first time.

With deadline timers, word counts, customized instructions, and email or text confirmations, applicants never have to second-guess their submission. And that means fewer questions for your staff.
Share a branded reviewer portal to simplify the review process.

Share a branded reviewer portal to simplify the review process.

Allocate assignments and step back to let the reviewers get to work. They have everything they need all in one place. Our unique side-by-side layout lets the reviewers see and score the application at the same time. Set up multiple review stages, custom scoring rubrics, or simple yes/no options, and allow review teams to forward comments and feedback directly from the review to the original applicant.
Manage the entire administrative process from one workspace.

Manage the entire administrative process from one workspace.

One location, totally customizable. Enjoy clean, easy-to-read data views with helpful sorting and filtering options. Create visual dashboards and reports showing the KPIs and data points you need to see every day. Import or collect data from site visits, LMS results, or audits. You can also set up role-based permissions for your team. Learn More


  • Quality candidates. Ensure your full application is accessed by qualified individuals or companies by enabling a phase one eligibility quiz. Your team can review responses and grant access to the full application, or set the qualifying criteria within the system and have applicants receive automatic access when their responses match.
  • Automate actions. Emails, notifications, and more can be handled hands-free within one simple accreditation system.
  • Multi-year portals. Renewals are easier when all basic information is already in the system. Simply have applicants access the portal with their original log in credentials and complete a renewal form.

The software gives our organization so much freedom and autonomy to makes changes on the fly or create new processes! Once you learn the system, it's a live saver!

Damian Smalls


Director at Rheumatology Research Foundation

With Zengine we have the insights to better understand how successful our work really is.

Beth Tasciotti


Grants Manager at Georgia Department of Natural Resources

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You can rest easy knowing that we use Amazon Web Services to store your data, which has industry-leading security measures, secure backups, quick scaling, and high availability rates. We’re also GDPR compliant and Privacy Shield certified.

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