Employee Volunteering

Mobilize your team and create intentional and engaging volunteer opportunities suited to their passions – remote or in-person.

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Increase employee engagement and happiness

Many studies show that providing opportunities for employee volunteerism increases employee engagement and happiness and improves their perception of the organization and their job satisfaction. Additionally, employer-sponsored volunteer programs can provide employees the chance to build leadership skills and are a great mechanism for team building.

To ensure your organization can reap the benefits of these programs, leverage a platform that streamlines the user experience and the administration. Through our merger with Bright Funds, WizeHive offers a comprehensive solution to support corporate social responsibility initiatives, including employee volunteerism. With our system, you can manage volunteering calendaring, signups, tracking and reporting in one location to make your corporate volunteering campaigns that much easier.

Connecting and cultivating purpose at work

In-person and remote opportunities

Employee volunteering opportunities available for anyone, anywhere. Boost participation with options geared towards your employees’ specific set of skills. Search through over 450,000 opportunities.

Maximize your impact

Show your employees support by utilizing Dollars for Doers to reward their efforts through volunteer grants. Encourage volunteer participation by providing volunteer time off (VTO).

Plan, share, and join volunteer events

Organize and share events for your community and empower your employees to do the same.

Track hours and manage sign ups

Get insights into employee engagement and program success through real-time impact reporting.

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More reasons to choose our solution:

Driving Campaign Impact

Participate in volunteering events tied to campaigns: opening up impact opportunities through time and money.

Open volunteer opportunities

Access employer initiated volunteer events, as well as remote and local options. Get connected to over 450,000 volunteering opportunities sponsored by vetted nonprofits as well.

Easy to use

The end-user experience has been the priority from the start. Using behavioral research, and in partnership with our clients, we continue to evolve the experience with the employee in mind.

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