Emergency & Crisis Relief Fund Management

Launch and administer responsive grants quickly when applicants need it most.

Times of crisis require quick deployment of resources and relief.

Whether your organization is responding to COVID-19 or other disasters and emergencies, or standing up evergreen emergency funds to serve your community when they need it most, you need the assistance of smart, flexible technology to launch and manage the intake of applications and the review process. You need clear data and shareable insights to prove that aid is being dispersed efficiently and fairly, and to learn how to improve outreach to your audience.


ZengineTM by WizeHive provides emergency grants management solutions that can be tailored to fit your program and current needs. From community-based relief to corporate support, Zengine can help you help others during a complex and difficult time and allow you to be more responsive in handling requests. Or select our Rapid Relief option, featuring best in class templates and the ability to set up program and deploy your program in just days.

Our Rapid Relief Option

Need to have a new assistance program up and running quickly? Our Rapid Relief Option was designed in partnership with our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic and provides corporations, universities, municipalities, community foundations and more with a straightforward solution to get up and running quickly.

The system includes a submission portal where applicants can securely complete, save, and submit applications for relief funding. Your team can personalize this application to include your logo, the questions and upload fields necessary for your process. Applicants will receive auto-email confirming the receipt of their request, and can check the portal for status updates.

The administrator workspace will allow your team to monitor draft and submitted applications, check for eligibility, send reminder/award/rejection emails, and track basic data including demographics, need areas, etc.

A review portal accessible by administrators, boards, or other contributors is also included, providing a secure place for individuals you invite to see the applications assigned to them and to review, rate, and approve/reject applications.


Need something more tailored to your organization?

While we’re proud to have a standard solution that can provide quick assistance, the majority of our clients opt to have Zengine set up to mirror their current or preferred program processes. With the help of our solutions architecture team, we can work with you to create applications, reviews, dashboards, progress reports, and data flows that work for how you work.

Learn more about some of the possibilities within our grants management system.

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Supporting students and staff through unprecedented times

See how Washington University in St. Louis leaned on technology to quickly launch and administer relief to their school community during COVID-19.

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Serving Programs of All Types

Student Relief Funds

A sudden change in circumstances can quickly derail a student's chances of continuing their education. With student relief programs, universities provide a lifeline that can help their students pull through tough times, covering tuition, books, rent, food, and other essentials. We’ve worked with higher education institutions to develop evergreen programs that respond to individual student needs as they occur, as well as on emergency response programs that quickly provide assistance to a large percentage of the student population.

To learn more, watch this quick tour of our Rapid Relief for Students solution.


Employee Assistance Funds

Dramatic changes to how businesses are operating during COVID-19 have left many also rethinking how they support their employees. Employee assistance funds can be used to provide needed funds to team members facing medical issues, or to those incurring financial hardships during furlough.

Small Business & Community Relief Programs

Economic development task forces and small business communities are rallying together to support businesses forced to shutter or significantly limit their operations during COVID-19. Municipalities, community foundations, and other nonprofits aiming to assist during this time can quickly launch a program using Zengine, allowing them to organize requests and distribute available grants and other stimulus funds when needed most.

To learn more, watch this quick tour of our Rapid Relief for Small Businesses solution.


The provost called me saying they needed me to stand up a support fund for students who are facing unexpected costs due to COVID within 24 hours. We were able to launch over the weekend and in less than a week we had 700 applications. The WizeHive team is incredible! We would NOT be able to do this without them.

II Luscri


Washington University at St. Louis

We decided to go with WizeHive’s Zengine, because it had everything we needed. I hate using the word robust, but that’s what the platform really is.

Doug Kinley III


La Quinta, CA

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