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Education Institutions 

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“WizeHive has simplified as well as significantly improved our process. Together, we have developed a process that works more efficiently for both grant reviewers and applicants. Our customer service and product reliability have been exceptional. Since launching WizeHive, I have not had one single concern about technical performance. It is hard to quantify the value of the mental reassurance I now possess with my WizeHive solution. I have been extremely satisfied with our decision to implement WizeHive.”

Kelly Wellman, Texas A&M

“WizeHive helped us to consolidate and simplify several applications, making our job much easier! It is simple...the applications are very easy to administer and update - even for people who aren't good with technology. My least favorite feature was the way folder assignments had to be made individually, but I expressed this concern and my implementation specialist helped add a feature so that I could move larger numbers at one time.”

Micah Logan, Texas Tech University

"Thanks to the folks at WizeHive - they took a very time-consuming process with 150 applications and 300 judges, and made it so easy! Alex did a great job of onboarding us, and answered all of my questions. His understanding of our goals, and experience added so much value."

Ellen Weber, Temple University

"WizeHive’s solution has definitely made my life easier in managing the whole application process. WizeHive allows me to have more control in the application process, easily see where things are in the process, and make the adjustments needed to hit our scholarship goals. The process is more simple and faster to manage than before. We hold the organizations we work with to the same high standards we hold ourselves and our applicants to.”

Katie Damaroda, Carson Scholars

"WizeHive has proven to be an excellent tool for our University Summer Research Grant Program. We love the organization of the proposals submitted and the reviews posted, as well as the saved man hours."

Mary Lou Glenn, Villanova University

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Software for Education Institutions & Scholarship Orgs

Complicated processes and paper trails are no match for the simplifying power of Zengine™. Make the switch and stand back as your applicants easily submit their information and your team effortlessly intakes, reviews, scores, and manages it within our flexible and customizable platform. The result: more, quality submissions managed in half the time.

Every office within your institution can find success with Zengine, from the financial aid office to manage scholarships, to the research office to track incoming grants and limited submission awards, to the provost office to administer academic fellowships. Our platform allows colleges and universities the ability to more seamlessly manage nearly any program that requires application intake and review, as well as improves the process through which you provide feedback to applicants and generate reports on successes and impact. With unmatched customization and integration options, you can scale as large or small as your department requires and can adapt and extend the platform as your needs grow and evolve. Key features include:

Application form and portal options.

Create the application you need and want with our flexible and fully customizable web form and application portal options, all easily branded to match your style. Applicants can easily navigate even long applications, save drafts, upload materials, and more.

Tracking and collaboration tools.

Quick-views allow you to see the status of every step at a glance. Take advantage of automated emails to streamline every action and know when collaborators or reviewers have done their part.

Branded reviewer portal.

Use the portal’s powerful assignment tool to automatically assign applications for review. Reviewers will enjoy the ease of seeing just the applications they need and comprehensive, built-in scoring and grading tools.


Sort your data as you see fit to keep tabs on the data most important you.

Integrations and customizations.

Streamline even further by integrating Zengine with other business applications, such as your campus authentication system. Our flexible platform can connect to more than 1000 cloud-based programs thanks to our partnership with Zapier. Our unique APIs allow us to integrate with any system.

More Than 1000 Integrations
The Zengine platform provides limitless flexibility and can integrate with hundreds of other products - no coding required.