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Corporations & Other Businesses

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“Super easy to customize, extremely thorough and rapid customer service, very easy to develop... WizeHive’s Zengine is fueling us forward and is the industry standard. It is so easy to customize and robust it makes you wonder why you'd use anything else. I am not a gusher, and it is certainly odd that I am lauding our CRM so strongly, but Zengine deserves it."

Keith Berman, CEO

“When we discovered Wizehive everything changed. It comes with a few templates that every business would use and it is fully customizable so you can use it how ever you want. Their customer service is phenomenal, the guys on the team showed us how to use the software, critiqued our workspaces to show us how we can use it better, and is almost always available to help you out. I couldn't ask for a better product or team to work with. If you are looking for a good software to manage your data and keep track of everything than I HIGHLY suggest going with WizeHive. No other software comes close to what they have to offer.”

Connor Gallic, Fity Social Media

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Software for Corporations & Other Businesses

Information is important, but even more so is how you harness it. With the help of Zengine™, companies are automating easy-to-use but powerful business processes and databases that help them achieve goals faster.

Zengine’s low-code nature and extreme flexibility make it the ideal backend tool for nearly any process you want to automate or manage. Users love our spreadsheet-style interface, custom dashboards and reporting tools, and simple to set-up workflows.

The possibilities are endless with Zengine. Our clients have harnessed its flexibility to:

Manage High-Risk Patients

With the help of our HIPAA-compliant version, an obstetrics group is using Zengine to monitor and track their high-risk patients. Patients join via an online form, and doctors populate each profile with medical information as collected. The team can quickly look for trends in patient data, organize appointment schedules, and even generate referral letters with 1 click.

Organize Community Giving

A professional sports franchise utilizes Zengine to manage their community giving department, managing ticket giveaways to local schools and charities, seating arrangements, player appearances, merchandise donations, and more.

Track Customer Data

Unable to keep tabs on customer profiles manually, a conveyancing company uses a custom form to onboard new clients and a back-end CRM database that displays the exact information of value to each department automatically.


Need to get started quickly? Our templates library can give up a jump-start on solutions like:


■  CRM/Sales Contacts
■  Event Planning
■  Bug Tracking
■  Job Applications
■  Patient Case Managment
■  Project Management
■  Customer Support Issue Tracking

More Than 1000 Integrations
The Zengine platform provides limitless flexibility and can integrate with hundreds of other products - no coding required.