The WizeHive Scholarship Fund

Supporting emerging nonprofit innovators and leaders

2021 applications will open March 29, 2021.

Please check back here for updates.


After more than 10 years of helping nonprofit clients power their grant and scholarship programs, WizeHive is excited to announce the launch of its own program: the WizeHive Scholarship Fund. 

We are encouraged by the many nonprofits we have the opportunity to connect with, and inspired by the staff members and volunteers who pour their hearts into their missions and impact. We also recognize that the nonprofit sector will need an influx of educated, driven, and innovative individuals in order to navigate 21st century challenges and expand impact exponentially. With our new annual scholarship program, we are honored to support those hardworking individuals and support their pursuits to improve themselves and, in turn, the greater good.

For our inaugural cycle, we wanted to focus on impact in Philadelphia, our hometown. We were excited to find a partner in La Salle University, an institution that has a long track record of growing and supporting nonprofits regionally via their Nonprofit Center. Their Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership pulls from the disciplines of finance, marketing, planning, and evaluation and combines them with ethics training in order to develop the understanding needed to be a successful nonprofit leader today. 

As such, WizeHive will award one deserving individual a $10,000 scholarship to pursue a Masters in Nonprofit Leadership at La Salle University.

The winner will be selected based on the following:

  • A strong commitment to nonprofit work via employment, volunteer hours, or both.
  • A drive to serve as a leader in the nonprofit world, utilizing the skills mastered through this additional education to take on new challenges and serve as a mentor to others.
  • A desire to advance, improve, and innovate the way nonprofits deliver on their mission and create lasting impact.
  • Demonstration of financial need.
  • Proof of enrollment or acceptance into La Salle’s Nonprofit Leadership Masters program.
  • Employees of WizeHive and active clients of WizeHive are not eligible.


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