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Mission-driven organizations - from foundations, charities, and research organizations to universities, government agencies, and associations - exist to serve some of the most worthy causes and deliver the most invaluable impact. Your work is nothing short of heroic, and deserves to be supported by technology that improves your programs and expands your reach.

However much of the technology available to nonprofits is rigid and designed to fit a “standard” process. Fully customized solutions come with unworkable costs, timelines, and maintenance. As a result, mission-based organizations are often forced to fit their unique programs and processes into a limited and cookie-cutter system. 

We believe that there is nothing standard about your mission. That's why we are proud to offer Zengine, a technology solution that is flexible, data-driven, and designed to provide a better experience to all those who are central to your program efforts. 

Zengine makes it easier to engage applicants, gives better information and impact reporting to funders and decision makers, and minimizes tedious and less productive activities for reviewers and program administrators.

Engage Your Applicants

Create a seamless, easy-to-follow application experience. Zengine’s submission portal allows applicants to create a personal profile, ensure there’s a good fit with an eligibility quiz, then power through your full application guided by helpful tools like word limits and deadline countdowns. Applications can be personalized to your heart’s content with any kind of questions style, uploads with no file type or size restrictions, third-party request tools, and more. Make the submission portal a full lifecycle destination by using it for follow-up questions, awards, and post-award data collection, too.

Empower Your Reviewers

Make the invaluable job your reviewers are taking on easier and quicker with the help of Zengine’s review portal. Reviewers can be auto-assigned based on any criteria, and upon logging on to their portal, will see only the applications they have been assigned and the data you have deemed appropriate. Applications can be viewed side-by-side with your customized scoring rubric, making sharing their insight and input simpler.

Enhance Your Program Management

Zengine’s administrative hub is program central for your team. See all the data collected from application and reviews, filter and sort for quick status checks, or create a custom dashboard for visual reports on your most important KPIs. The admin area also allows you to keep in touch with your constituents, creating batch or bulk emails to keep individuals on schedule and in the know.

Designed to Work For You & With You

Unmatched Flexibility

One of Zengine’s most appealing and unmatched features is its flexibility. You don’t have to sacrifice objectives or incur the investment of cost and time for a custom solution. With Zengine forms, workflows, and reviews can be configured to meet nearly any process or challenge. Use it right out-of-the-box for straightforward application processes or work with our implementation team to create a personalized platform that does it all.

Share Simply

Our integration options make it easy for us to integrate with almost anything else that is in the cloud, such as Salesforce, Quickbooks, or other popular cloud-based products. Learn more about our integration options.

Plug In and Power Up

Zengine’s plugin architecture allows us to create small custom tools, or plugins for you if we find that to accomplish a given goal we need to build you something special. With our plugin system we can customize almost anything for you without it impacting any other customer.

Our Clients, Our Heroes

WizeHive is honored to support some amazing missions and organizations.

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Security & Support You Can Count On

A True Support System

From the very start of the Zengine Blueprint process - an exercise that allows us to truly understand an organization and share a detailed look at how their new Zengine workspace will operate - to engagement with personal training, continual education, and helpful support staff, we’re dedicated to providing not just software, but true end-to-end partnership.

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Safe & Sound

Hosted on AWS, following all best practices for data security, SOC2 Type 2 certified, and compliant with major regulations like GDPR, PIPEDA, and CCPA, Zengine meets the security and privacy standards of major enterprise organizations, government departments, and more.

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