Grant Management for Medical & Disease Research Organizations

Further your mission of research, development, and cure
advancement with software that improves data and results.

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Your mission is advancement -- advancement of research, advancement of care, advancement of awareness. So why are you relying on outdated tools to move forward?

WizeHive’s Zengine™ grant management software for research organizations allows you to transform and improve your grant programs for research, patient support, medical sponsorships, and more.  

Designed to be simple to use yet powerful, Zengine allows you to collect better applications, improve communications with grantees, ensure compliance, easily manage progress reports, analyze impact, and so much more. Harness your data for good.

Keeping Research Moving Forward


Create submission portals where everyone from research teams to patients can easily apply for grants, securely providing you with the data you need.

Keep Track

Keep track of your data, goals, and outcomes with tailored reporting options.


Vet research applications through your program's process, setting up the system to match your rounds, approvals, and sign offs.


Keep in touch with grantees through their projects, collecting progress reports and outcomes data.

Stay Compliant

Ensure you have the data and reports needed for review boards or ethics committees.

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