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WizeHive makes it easy for business people to configure and deploy cloud based solutions that help them organize, automate and streamline their business activities.

Our flagship product, WizeHive Select, is used to streamline and automate paper intensive processes such as online grant applications, online scholarships applications, fellowships and other competitions. The result is the elimination of paper and time spent copying, collating, mailing, and organizing all of that information. In addition, its collaboration and decision making tools provide a simplified way to help them make better, faster decisions. WizeHive Select is being used by over 600 non-profits and global organizations including Disney, United Way, BlackBoard and Echoing Green to collect millions of online applications each year spread over thousands of application processes.

WizeHive Buzz is similar to Select but has been optimized with a unique set of public voting features that have made it the leading online contest software platform for brands, publishers and agencies.

Our newest product, Current, will be released in the fall of 2013. Current was created to help teams work together online to automate and streamline other data intensive business processes such as contact & lead management, hiring, service ticketing, bug tracking, event registrations, and much more. Current is unique in that it empowers anyone to quickly and easily build or configure their own collaborative data oriented business application - without needing a programmer or IT person to assist. At the same time Current can be extended by developers using our restful API to connect to hundreds of data sources, or by building simple JavaScript plug-ins using our friendly plug-in architecture.

WizeHive was co-founded by Michael Levinson, CEO, and Mike Carson , CTO.

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