September 20, 2018

Quicker Submission With New Zengine Integration With Scholar Snapp

With more than three million scholarship programs being offered, and the cost of tuition rising steadily, there are countless opportunities for aspiring college students to reduce the cost of financing their education. There also are countless applications to complete in order to do so, many asking the same questions of students over, and over, and over.

As a scholarship provider your mission is to enable more students to succeed in their goal of a college education. Does your application reflect this, or is it yet another, time-intensive task?

Scholar Snapp is one innovation that can help with this issue. Developed by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Scholar Snapp saves students time while filling out college and scholarship applications by allowing them to reuse their information from one application to another. This removes one burden along the higher education journey, by making it faster and easier for students to apply for college admissions and scholarships.

In any Scholar Snapp-enabled application, students are able to enter all their
information once, and then “Snapp” that information into any other scholarship or
admissions application with Scholar Snapp integration.

Scholar Snapp’s data set includes a variety of fields including contact information,
essays, recommendations, transcripts, and video uploads.

As of August 2018, WizeHive is proud to offer easy Scholar Snapp integration as part of its ZengineTM scholarship management platform, allowing our customers to enhance their applications to sync with Scholar Snapp and provide a new, time-saving tool to their applicants. An integration with Scholar Snapp can make applications less time consuming and more accessible.

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation is the first Zengine customer to launch with this integration live, allowing applicants to their popular scholarship program to import profile data with a click.

Are you a Zengine customer interested in integrating Scholar Snapp into your application for next program year? Reach out to your account representative to discuss how we can update your application to be compatible with your desired Scholar Snapp profile fields.

Are you considering implementing Zengine for your scholarship program? Schedule a demo to learn more and see the integration in action. If you’ll be at NSPA this October in Albuquerque, you can also see a full demo showcasing Scholar Snapp by stopping by Booth 14 or dropping into one of our two demo sessions.


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