January 14, 2022

Extend Your CSR Initiatives to Boost Employee Engagement

The past two years have been difficult for people all over the world with the COVID-19 pandemic leaving a mark on everyone in one way or another. Employees, especially, are now more concerned about the impact of their work than ever before and are willing to switch jobs for workplaces that value employee well-being, diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility.

In order to retain their top talent, businesses may need to reconsider their current employee engagement strategies in 2022 to ensure that employees feel more connected and fulfilled through their work. In addition to traditional engagement activities such as employee volunteering and giving programs, organizations can also inspire and include their employees through corporate philanthropy initiatives and support them with a variety of programs. 

Here are some ways your business can engage employees through your corporate philanthropy endeavors:  

  1. Give Employees Active Roles in Corporate Philanthropy Programs
    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs can be a big lift for program managers. When you provide the opportunity for staff in other departments to be involved you can both help reduce the burden and also engage employees across your organization. A great first step is to involve all of your employees in spreading the word about your CSR programs to get your community and customers excited and engaged. Next, invite them to nominate their favorite nonprofits for your grant program. A third way to include employees is to invite a certain number to participate in one of the applicant review rounds (assuming that they were not among the employees who also nominated applicants).

    To facilitate employee involvement in many ways, consider utilizing a cloud-based platform for your corporate giving programs that will make it easy for employees and program managers to access the right part of the process at the right time. Be sure to implement a system that is secure and flexible to both protect your data and optimize employee involvement.

    By involving your employees you also extend the reach and notoriety of your philanthropy efforts. Through this thoughtful process, your company will create a brand image that demonstrates its purpose and is representative of both employees and your corporate mission. 

  2. Empower your employees to do good where it matters most to them
    While employees want the opportunity to do good through programs at work, they often also want the flexibility to do it in a way that fits their interests and schedule. As an employer, you can inspire and motivate their community impact with the example you set through your CSR programs. From there, it is ideal to enable options for your employees to give or volunteer either for organizations aligned with your CSR mission or those they personally support and feel passionate about. To empower your employees in their doing good, consider implementing an all-in-one giving and volunteering platform that provides access to a database where they can donate to a variety of 501(c)(3) nonprofits so they can find the cause that resonates with them. Ideally, select a platform that can also enable your company to match your employees’ donations and develop customized volunteering and giving opportunities for your teams.

    Another great way to demonstrate your support for your employees’ philanthropy and to provide incentives for volunteering, is to offer employee credit both for their in-kind donations and volunteer hours using donation credits. Moreover, to show your support, make an effort to highlight your employees’ community giving and volunteering efforts on your organization’s social media. This can go a long way toward demonstrating both your appreciation for your employees and the value your company places on doing good. 
  3. Use your generosity to support your employees
    Responsible businesses value their employees as an essential asset and foundation to their organization. Employees also value workplaces that recognize their personal struggles and are willing to lend a hand during a time of need. As a company, you can support your employees in such difficult times with your generosity. One way to do this is with a company-funded employee relief program that provides a safety net for when your employees are in a crisis, such as a natural disaster, unexpected loss, or a medical emergency. Another way to show your support for your employees’ needs? Offer a scholarship program for them and/or their families. Further, for non-urgent employee needs, you can create a grants program to assist with large purchases, such as a home or a vehicle.

    Through all these initiatives, also outlined in this CSR eGuide, your company can earn your employees’ trust and loyalty while boosting employee satisfaction, improving employee retention, and reducing turnover at your organization. What’s more, when you help them in personally difficult times, employees feel more secure and are happier, which ultimately leads to increased productivity in the workplace.

By providing assurance to employees that their employer truly supports them through difficult times and empowers their giving and volunteering to the causes they want to support, responsible businesses can excel in employee engagement and build more productive and resilient teams in 2022. This year, we hope it is a safer and kinder year for everyone! 

To find out how WizeHive can support you across your corporate philanthropy and employee volunteering and giving programs, schedule a demo today.

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