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A fully customizable, online database platform to improve and simplify your business processes.


All of WizeHive’s current application and database solutions are built on our Zengine platform.

Most of our customers interact with Zengine daily as they manage application processes from submission to review to reporting. Because of the platform's ability to manage data through the entire process, it has been a go-to for organizations once struggling with managing grants, scholarships, awards, fellowships and other application-based programs. Customers can turn to our dedicated Implementation team to quickly set them up for these and many other processes. Add in Zengine’s vast flexibility, easy-to-use interface, and countless integrations, it’s become the highest-rated system of its kind on multiple review sites.

While Zengine is most often used for application-based processes, many of our customers have built on that capability, utilizing the platform to run and manage a host of other processes. Thanks to the system’s low-code nature, with the help of a developer this functionality can go even further as integrations and advanced automations are added. We’ve seen people use Zengine to track customers, job candidates, projects, and more, replacing paper processes, outgrown spreadsheets, or generic software products.   

Zengine is distinct in that:

  1. There are various methods of collecting and sharing data with Zengine, making it perfect for collecting data at any point during the process.
  2. Our plugin architecture allows us to create small customizations (plugins) for you if we find that to accomplish a given goal we need to build something that goes beyond our core system. The nice thing about our plugin system is we can customize almost anything for you without it impacting any other customer.
  3. Our integration options make it easy for us to integrate with almost anything else that is in the cloud, such as Salesforce, Quickbooks, or other popular cloud based products. Zengine is the only solution that easily integrates with more than 1000 applications.


For Developers

Interested in building on Zengine? We can’t wait to see what you create!

While the sky's the limit, we’ve created a number of templates within Zengine to get developers started. Use them as inspiration, a starting point, or right out of the box.

Templates include:


Contact Management

Project Management

Human Resources


Event Planning

Customer Service

Product Development


Volunteer Tracking 


Get more ideas and information on our Developers page on GitHub.

Get support and assistance on our Knowledgebase.

Perfect for:

Easy online databases

Looking to create a database of contacts, customers, job candidates, or more? Use Zengine's spreadsheet-like interface, form builder, and templates to get it up and running in under an hour.

Flexibile business apps

Build flexible business apps with no need to code! Create forms, dashboards, workflow rules, notifications, and more. Use our Zapier connection to integrate with more than 1000 other products.

Custom solutions

Developers will love how they can build complete systems on top of the Zengine platform by creating plugins, and integrating with other systems using Zapier or our powerful API.

Ready to see how WizeHive can simplify your process?