Human Resources

Zengine's human resources solution is perfect for tracking and organizing important employee data. From hiring forms to performance reviews, you can track all of your employees' human resources history within the company.

Keep confidential employee data organized and track an employee's HR history.

Employee directory

Use the employee directory to store a shared employee contact list. Limit access to more confidential employee data, such as hiring paperwork.

Suggestion box

Allow employees to submit suggestions and complaints to HR via the suggestion box form. Post the suggestion box form to your website or intranet.

Performance reviews

Create an employee history that includes performance reviews and self assessments.

Reporting dashboard

Report across employees to determine length of service, average compensation, and more.

Customer success using this template

We have found Zengine a great way to store our data. The programme is flexible and allows exportation of data to run reports that are unique to our business. Customer service has been great and we are very happy with the programme.

Moana McKeen, RTE Enterprises

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