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“WizeHive is the most efficient and user friendly grant application process that Kauai United Way has ever used! Their customer service is awesome and I would recommend them."

Lori Almarza, Kauai United Way

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Grant Management Software for United Ways

United Ways across the U.S. spend their days strengthening their local communities, attempting to utilize the funds they have available through donors, fundraising, and grants in the smartest and most impactful way possible, creating opportunities for all. We know that doing this is no small feat.

WizeHive’s Zengine™ platform is a comprehensive and flexible solution that can save you precious time and give you the insights to fine-tune your strategy. Give your partners one easy-to-understand, user-friendly destination with our submission portal. With just one login, organizations can complete any questions, requirements, or uploads you deem necessary to certify themselves as a potential partner. Our flexible form builder allows you to create applications that fit your program and process and include features like letters of intent, eligibility verification, validation of 501(c)3, and multiple stages of review. Your team can view, track, and move data however you deem fit. And collect partners’ self-generated impact reports through the system, or create goals, benchmarks, and achievements specific to your UW and have partners complete assessments on these data points, allowing your organization to view cross-program reporting.

Zengine™ is uniquely designed to help you manage all of your programs, from grants and scholarships to fellowships and internships, in one platform. And no matter your size or scope, we offer a range of solutions and plans to address your needs and budget. Key features include:

Application form and portal options.

Whether you have a single or multi-stage application, forms are easily tailored to reflect your brand, support your process, and capture the information you need. They’re easy for applicants to complete, and users can add attachments of any kind and size.

Tracking and collaboration tools.

Manage all of your contacts in one place, send them automated emails, and track engagement, application status, outcomes, and more.

Branded reviewer portal.

Streamline your review process with our powerful tool that allows you to automatically assign applications for review. Customizable scoring capabilities make evaluations easier than ever to complete and compare.


Easily view and analyze application data and progress, or share the impacts and outcomes you've achieved with your board.

Integrations and customizations.

Need to integrate with other business applications or further customize? Only WizeHive is flexible enough to address your most unique needs and can connect to over 1000 programs, including various accounting, CRM, and scheduling solutions, thanks to our partnership with Zapier.

Integrate with 1000 other programs & apps
The Zengine™ platform provides limitless flexibility and can integrate with hundreds of other products - no coding required.


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