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HIPAA Compliance

Our Zengine database allows you to store PHI easily and safely.


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Build HIPAA compliant business applications - no programming required!

Be running in hours

We run in the cloud so there's no special hardware needed or software to install.

HIPAA Compliant

We handle all of the requirements mandated by the HIPAA Security Rules.

Signed BAA

We'll sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) as required under HIPAA.

Easy to Customize

Our spreadsheet like interface makes it easy for everyone to use and enter data into our system.

Easy to Use

Our follow-up forms and email features let you establish regular communications with patients.

Robust Reporting

Our reporting system can generate reports about patients, referrals and more.

Capture Patient Data

Easily record patient or activity detail including personal data, notes, and more.

Manage Schedules & Tasks

Schedule tasks, follow-ups, or visits and see them in the todo list or visual calendar.

EMR Integration

Use our programming interface (API) to integrate with any leading EMR system.

Why Zengine? 7 reasons to expect worry free success.

1. You will have an assigned team dedicated to respond quickly to your needs.
2. Our system will scale and not go down under heavy usage.
3. You will save hundreds of hours a year switching from paper or spreadsheet based processes.
4. Your navigators will enjoy how easy it is to use our on-line system.
5. Your patients will love how well you understand their case.
6. All the data is stored on Amazon servers and completely secure.
7. You'll be able to track and report on everything.

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