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Customer Management Software

Connect and monitor meaningfully with our CRM and database capabilities.


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Organizations simplifying with WizeHive

Organizations simplifying with WizeHive

Case & Contact Management Software

Every contact, customer, or case is invaluable. Keep tabs on every person, touch, task, and to do with ZengineTM, a rich, robust database that can be tailored to store and monitor the exact information your team needs to stay in touch and on task.

An easy-to-use and -tailor database management system, Zengine can help you manage information or processes ranging from a simple CRM to an automated workflow. With just basic tech skills and a little imagination, customers have used Zengine to track customer preferences, manage patients’ cases and appointments, organize donations, monitor inventory, streamline project schedules and more.


  • Form capabilities for easier data collection. Ensure your team is collecting the right information at the right time by creating customized forms that automatically populate your database.
  • Easy attachments. Include PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, images, videos, and more with any contact.
  • User-friendly data management. Sort all information easily with filters and folders, or set pre-populated views for individuals or teams.
  • Helpful reminders. Automate emails to confirm customer info, or internally send tasks and updates.
  • Reports and results. Get a visual view of your data with a customizable dashboard featuring bar charts, pie charts, and more.
  • HIPAA compliance. Safely track and monitor patient information with our HIPAA-compliant platform hosted on secure Amazon servers.
  • 1000+ integrations. Streamline even further by directly integrating with more than 1000 popular software programs.

The customer management software of choice for corporations, associations, health systems, and more

"WizeHive has been an incredible partner to me and my team and the most responsive vendor I have ever worked with."

Global Health Corp.

"The feedback from students who applied both last year and this year have actually congratulated me on the new application."

Association of Mechanical Engineers

"The most efficient and user friendly grant application process that Kauai United Way has ever used! Their customer service is awesome!"

Kauai United Way

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