June 3, 2022

4 Criteria for Selecting Corporate Philanthropy Software

Software is essential to modern businesses. Companies use a variety of platforms to efficiently manage and track marketing efforts, sales operations, product development, accounting, and finance, plus more.

Your organization’s social impact programs are no less important. So, are you maximizing the impact of your grants, scholarships, and employee giving with a SaaS solution suited to your needs and your objectives? 

If not, here’s some guidance to find the right software for your corporate philanthropy initiatives:

1. Outline Your Needs

What do you need from corporate philanthropy software? If you make a list of your must-haves before you start your search, you can narrow the number of software options by eliminating the ones that are either too limited or offer more features than you need.

To make your list, answer questions such as:

  • What corporate social responsibility (CSR) or employee engagement programs do we need software to help manage right now? 
  • What are our plans to grow current programs or add new initiatives? 
  • What specific features do we need to effectively manage our programs?
  • What type of back-end features and usability do our admins need?
  • What type of user experience do we desire?
  • How many users will we need to support?
  • How many administrators will need to use the system?
  • What types of reporting do we want to generate?
  • What level of data security is needed?
  • What permission settings are needed?

Some organizations are focused on corporate giving in the form of grants or scholarships. Others are empowering and engaging employees in giving and volunteering. If your company is doing either or both, it is important to understand the full breadth of features you need to ensure you can manage your programs well today and as they grow.

Also, as you think through your must-haves, set a budget. You don’t have to max out your budget in the end, but it’s a good idea to know how much you have to allocate toward corporate philanthropy software before you start searching.

2. Focus on Flexibility and Automation

Your organization is one of a kind, and it deserves a flexible, configurable corporate philanthropy platform to best serve its unique needs.

A flexible software option allows you to configure the platform to match your organization’s requirements as outlined in the first step above. Integrations are a big part of flexibility and being able to configure your platform means you can have it fit your needs rather than having to squeeze your program into a generic box. 

When you find a platform that integrates with your most important tools, there’s a lot less manual data entry and fewer tasks that need to be conducted by hand. This streamlines your work and reduces the number of errors made. So, look for corporate philanthropy software that can integrate with your CRM, accounting and finance software, and other important tools that your team members use on a regular basis.

3. Identify a Comprehensive, Scalable Solution

When shopping for corporate philanthropy software, you’ll want a comprehensive solution to support all of your CSR programs, but also one that is scalable so you can manage the programs you have now and expansions in the future. 

For many companies, while social impact is desired, initiatives must be put in place one at a time and grown as support (from both the C-suite and employees) increases. Find a solution that supports you where you are today and also where you plan to be in the future. 

Some companies desire a robust plan that includes corporate and employee philanthropy for maximum social impact. Finding a vendor whose offerings can support you across this breadth of programs can help you streamline processes and align programs with your mission while also demonstrating the impact across your corporate and employee initiatives.

4. Choose a Real Partner

While the platform is of tantamount importance, it is also critical to find a SaaS vendor who provides the support, service, and partnership you need. Some software providers are looking to make a sale — and then they disappear when you’re actually implementing and using the platform. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, look for a provider that offers a high level of support and serves as a real partner to your organization.

Some technology providers will even start working with clients before a sale closes. These providers dedicate time and resources to understanding the prospect’s needs and outlining how they can best use the platform. As you evaluate different corporate philanthropy software options, pay close attention to the providers that demonstrate their commitment to meeting your needs even before a contract is signed.

And, once you launch your programs, be sure your software vendor provides support to execute them effectively. Will they share best practices, program resources, and other materials you can leverage to maximize the success and impact of your programs?

Choose the Best Solution and Partner for Your Organization

At WizeHive, we offer a comprehensive solution for corporate philanthropy so that you can fully manage all of your philanthropic initiatives, including:

  • Grants 
  • Disaster relief
  • Employee Assistance
  • Scholarships 
  • Internships and fellowships 
  • Employee giving and corporate matching
  • Employee volunteering

With our solution, you get the flexibility and automation that saves time for administrators, reduces errors, and drives real results for your organization. Schedule a demo today.

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