Collect Applications- Quickly setup and launch Entry Forms that match your organization’s branding

Awards software from WizeHive

Collaborate on Reviews remotely - >Judges can review entries without needing to be in the same place

Awards software from WizeHive

Organize and Store Applications - Attach notes, tasks and follow up information and Save in WizeHive

Awards software from WizeHive

Report on every Data Field - Use Information Collected for future marketing, events, and more awards

Awards software from WizeHive

Who's using WizeHive?

Join 100s of companies and manage your awards with WizeHive.

Easily set up an entry form on your website, Facebook Fan Page or through WizeHive

Collaborate on Reviews Remotely, Rank

Social Sharing of entries and voting to increase visibility

Create Custom Graphics and use CSS to match your branding

Gather, organize, store and view all entry forms

Accept Paid Entries

Available with all contests:
Available with Custom Pro:
  • Award Entries through Facebook with Like Gating

    Host your awards program where your fans are most likely to be. Facebook entries can include Like Gating to encourage future interaction with fans.

  • Embed in your website

    With WizeHive's awards management software, you can seamlessly integrate your awards program into your website, or link to it from WizeHive's hosted solution.

  • Photo, Video or Essay Entries - Award Programs for Photos, Videos and Essays

    Our awards management software makes it it easy to accept entries with a variety of multimedia file formats including photos, video and audio.

  • Customized Entry Forms

    Arrange the entry form the way you want. Our awards management software is flexible and easy to set up.

  • Generate & Download Leads

    Our awards program software enables you to download reports as complex or as simple as you like. Build your contacts and leads database for future awards and marketing programs.

  • Public or Private Voting

    Hold a public vote to encourage entrants to share with friends, or select private judging to choose winners behind the scenes.

  • Custom Voting Periods

    Set up voting timelines exactly how you want with our awards managements software. Entry and voting can overlap for quick turnaround, or separate for more involved judging criteria.

  • Branding & Color Selection

    Choose from a selection of colors for your awards program layout and text. Our awards management software allows you to match your brand's existing style.

  • Share with Twitter, Facebook

    Online awards entrants can share with their favorite social networks. Make it easy for your biggest supporters to talk about your awards program! Facebook entries for awards are a great word of mouth marketing tool.

  • Customize with CSS

    Get creative with the way your awards program will look.

  • Advanced Fraud Watch

    Rest easy knowing that WizeHive uses multiple preventive measures to minimize the likelihood of voter fraud with public voting.

  • Payment Processing

    Generate revenue through paid entry fees on your awards program.

  • Advanced Field types

    Conditional formatting, calculated fields and fields that auto-determine on awards entry forms, to make administration easier.

  • Custom Workflows

    Create logic to automatically trigger an action based on another action or an instance of time. For example, minimize the effort needed to contact all awards entrants at each step of the program.

  • Applications Entry Forms

    Awards nominees can save drafts before submitting their entry by enabling a log in for each person.

  • Multi-Application Entries

    Awards nominees can upload multiple entries with one form. This is especially useful when combined with paid entries.

  • Customized Mail Merge (Bulk Email)

    Email groups of entrants all at once. Send one email to winners, and another encouraging to enter future awards programs.

  • Private Label Option

    Purchase WizeHive as a white label solution and brand your awards programs with your organizations information.

Custom plans to meet your needs

Custom applications for the collection of online submissions Branded and personalized; can be embedded on any website; unlimited file uploads
Online database for administrators to view, sort and organize submissions
Task manager
Custom report writer
Email communication with individual applicants
Shared calendar
Visual dashboard
Collaborative review process with custom scoring criteria
Bulk email Groups of applicants and reviewers; all emails can be personalized by mail merging meta data
Internal forms For administrators to input data e.g. amount awarded; these forms are unlimited and personalized for each client
Private online review portal
Dynamic applicant portal
Automated, blind collection of letters of recommendation
Advanced assignment and tracking of reviews
Automated workflow Write rules to route applicantions through stages in the process, send notifications, and more
Eligibility gating / eligibility quiz
Multiple application forms

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