Scholarship management software to help collect, manage and organize your applications online.

Scholarship management software from WizeHive

Who's using WizeHive?

Get a better, faster decision on more, qualified applicants with Scholarship Management from WizeHive.

Some features are only available with certain Plans.
  • Scholarship Applications accepted on your Website, Facebook Page or Stand alone site

    With WizeHive’s Scholarship Software, people can apply from a page on your website, from within your Facebook page or hosted through WizeHive.

  • Unlimited Scholarship Entries

    With our scholarship management software, there is no limit to the number of online applicants no matter what plan you are on.

  • Custom Entry Form with Unlimited Fields

    Add as many fields as you like to your online scholarship application entry form.

  • Advanced Field Types on Online Entry Forms

    To get the best information from scholarship applicants and to manage that information in a way that’s easy to administer, WizeHive offers advanced field types including HTML, links, calculated fields and forms on multiple pages.

  • Optional login for applicant to use form

    A login will enable scholarship applicants to save a draft of their online scholarship application and finish it at a later time.

  • Unlimited file uploads for documents, graphics, videos

    Scholarship applicants can upload as many files as needed to complete the online scholarship process.

  • Unlimited folders for organizing data

    Organize the information in a way that works for you and your team with scholarship software from WizeHive.

  • Standard Review form for Judging

    Online reviewing for judges, every applicant will be reviewed the same way using scholarship management from WizeHive.

  • Report writer with data export

    Create custom, flexible reports for scholarship applications on any data collected..

  • Custom Review Form with weighting and calculated fields

    Review forms can manage weighing the importance of different sections of the online scholarship application.

  • Bulk email with email templates to groups of candidates

    Improve communication with online scholarship applicants by emailing groups or all applicants.

  • Letters of recommendation

    The entire recommendation process is managed within WizeHive’s scholarship software, with a few clicks, know where each applicant stands.

  • Lifecycle

    Additional forms for ongoing communication and data collection - continue communication easily throughout the duration of the scholarship cycle.

  • Fully custom portal with custom fields, CSS

    Match the online scholarship management form to your organization’s current branding.

  • Multi-stage reviews, each with custom review forms

    No matter how complicated your online review process for scholarships, the scholarship software from WizeHive can manage it.

  • Workflow tools for automatically organizing and routing applications

    Automatically sort online scholarship applications based on how applicants answer questions.

  • Advanced Application Features (Cart/Payment Processing)

    Process payment for online scholarship applications if there is an entry fee for one or multiple applications.

Custom plans to meet your needs

Custom applications for the collection of online submissions Branded and personalized; can be embedded on any website; unlimited file uploads
Online database for administrators to view, sort and organize submissions
Task manager
Custom report writer
Email communication with individual applicants
Shared calendar
Visual dashboard
Collaborative review process with custom scoring criteria
Bulk email Groups of applicants and reviewers; all emails can be personalized by mail merging meta data
Internal forms For administrators to input data e.g. amount awarded; these forms are unlimited and personalized for each client
Private online review portal
Dynamic applicant portal
Automated, blind collection of letters of recommendation
Advanced assignment and tracking of reviews
Automated workflow Write rules to route applicantions through stages in the process, send notifications, and more
Eligibility gating / eligibility quiz
Multiple application forms