Scholarship management software to help collect, manage and organize your applications online.

Scholarship management software from WizeHive

Who's using WizeHive?

Get a better, faster decision on more, qualified applicants with Scholarship Management from WizeHive.

Some features are only available with certain Plans.
  • Scholarship Applications accepted on your Website, Facebook Page or Stand alone site

    With WizeHive’s Scholarship Software, people can apply from a page on your website, from within your Facebook page or hosted through WizeHive.

  • Unlimited Scholarship Entries

    With our scholarship management software, there is no limit to the number of online applicants no matter what plan you are on.

  • Custom Entry Form with Unlimited Fields

    Add as many fields as you like to your online scholarship application entry form.

  • Advanced Field Types on Online Entry Forms

    To get the best information from scholarship applicants and to manage that information in a way that’s easy to administer, WizeHive offers advanced field types including HTML, links, calculated fields and forms on multiple pages.

  • Optional login for applicant to use form

    A login will enable scholarship applicants to save a draft of their online scholarship application and finish it at a later time.

  • Unlimited file uploads for documents, graphics, videos

    Scholarship applicants can upload as many files as needed to complete the online scholarship process.

  • Unlimited folders for organizing data

    Organize the information in a way that works for you and your team with scholarship software from WizeHive.

  • Standard Review form for Judging

    Online reviewing for judges, every applicant will be reviewed the same way using scholarship management from WizeHive.

  • Report writer with data export

    Create custom, flexible reports for scholarship applications on any data collected..

  • Custom Review Form with weighting and calculated fields

    Review forms can manage weighing the importance of different sections of the online scholarship application.

  • Bulk email with email templates to groups of candidates

    Improve communication with online scholarship applicants by emailing groups or all applicants.

  • Letters of recommendation

    The entire recommendation process is managed within WizeHive’s scholarship software, with a few clicks, know where each applicant stands.

  • Lifecycle

    Additional forms for ongoing communication and data collection - continue communication easily throughout the duration of the scholarship cycle.

  • Fully custom portal with custom fields, CSS

    Match the online scholarship management form to your organization’s current branding.

  • Multi-stage reviews, each with custom review forms

    No matter how complicated your online review process for scholarships, the scholarship software from WizeHive can manage it.

  • Workflow tools for automatically organizing and routing applications

    Automatically sort online scholarship applications based on how applicants answer questions.

  • Advanced Application Features (Cart/Payment Processing)

    Process payment for online scholarship applications if there is an entry fee for one or multiple applications.

Standard Plan

  • Run on your web site or link to our site
  • Custom forms with unlimited fields
  • Unlimited file attachments
  • Custom Report Writer
  • File Upload Fields
  • Standard Review Form
  • 3 users

$150/month or $1495/yr
Annual price saves data for future data mining.

Plus Plan

Standard Plan plus:

  • Private reviewers portal
  • Up to 10 reviewers/judges
  • Customize text to any language or wording
  • Custom Review Form
  • Email groups of applicants or all applicants

$275/month or $2695/yr
Annual price saves data for future data mining.

Professional Plan

Plus Plan plus:

  • Flexible judging assignments
  • Up to 25 reviewers/judges
  • 2 stage review process
  • Letters of recommendation

$425/month or $3995/yr
Annual price saves data for future data mining.

Enterprise Plan

Professional Plan plus:

  • Additional judging portal customization
  • Unlimited reviewers/judges
  • 3 stage review processes
  • Workflow tools for automatic actions

Priced to suit your needs.